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Classes Descriptions and Dress Code

Tiny 2's and Teenie 2's
with and without Mommy
Description:In this 45-minute class for boys and girls, children will be introduced to organized dance through music and learn how to follow directions and interact with other children, all while having fun! Note that the Teenie 2's classes will perform in the annual recital. The Tiny 2's are session classes and will not perform in the annual recital.
Dress Code:Girls: Pink Leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.
Boys: T-shirt, sweat pants/shorts, any color, black ballet shoes.
Notes:Classes with Mommy are 9 week session classes.
3 - 6 Year Olds
Description:In this forty-five minute class, children will learn the basic introduction skills for both ballet and tap, age appropriate for each age level, while having fun.
Dress Code:Same dress code as above with the addition of black tap shoes.
7 - 10 Year Olds
Description:Same description as noted above.
Dress Code:Black leotard, pink tights, black jazz pants, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes.
Intermediate & Advanced*
Description:In these classes, students will be introduced to basic/intermediate/advanced tap combinations, both center floor and at the barre, level appropriate. Across the floor work will be done.
Dress Code:Black leotard, suntan tights and dance shorts. Tap shoe color determined in November when costumes are chosen.
Notes:*Must have at least two years of tap and participate in a ballet class at their appropriate level.
Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced
Description:These classes will consist of strong emphasis on technique and combinations, both center floor and across the floor, New York and California styles, level appropriate.
Dress Code:Black leotard, jazz pants/shorts, suntan tights, jazz oxfords (color determined by instructor in November when costume selections are complete.
Notes:Please note that all Advanced students must take a ballet class in their appropriate level to participate in this class.
Description:All Ballet levels will give students a basic understanding of ballet technique, terminology and proper alignment. Students will be introduced to the different parts of ballet class and gain confidence in their dance ability, age and level appropriate.
Dress Code:All ballet levels: Black leotard, pink tights, ballet skirt any color optional, Bloch pink elastosplit ballet shoes for Ballet II-IV, pink split sole for Ballet I, hair in a bun.
Description:A student may begin pointe work when she is at least 12 years old and has sufficient strength and technique as determined by her teacher. Studio D also requires a doctor's examination and note stating that it is okay for the student to begin pointe work. Pointe students also take two ballet classes.
Dress Code:Black leotard, pink tights and ballet slippers.
Description:Required for all company students, this ballet-based class helps students navigate through dance technique and artistry. Through dance conditioning exercises, dance imagery, lessons in anotomy and experiential-based learning, students will learn how to break down dance steps and technical feats in order to become more connected and technically-accurate dancers and performers. Students will create short and long term goals for their competitive year, as well as to assess their progress. Junior and Senior Company students are required to bring a binder to class each week to keep notes and handouts.
Dress Code:Black leotard, pink tights and ballet slippers.
Leap, Stretch and Turn
Description:In this class, students will be introduced to new turns, new jumps, new leaps and exercises to improve and strengthen their overall flexibility.
Dress Code:Dance shorts, tights or leotard.
Triple Treat (3 in 1)
Ages 7-12
Description:Class will touch on ballet, tap and jazz, the three major arts of dance. Ballet each week, and tap and jazz will be alternated.
Dress Code:Black leotard, pink/tan tights or black jazz pants or black dance shorts with tights. Hair pulled back off face and neck with bun or ponytail. Any color shoes to begin. Instructor will inform color and style of shoes for the recital performance.
Description:Modern dance is a style that integrates the use of weight, breath, expressiveness and rhythm. Students will be introduced to the methods of fall and recovery and sustain and fall. Breath will be studied and examined closely, as it is an important element in modern and all types of dance. Rich imagery and metaphors will be used in order for students to grasp the concepts of modern and to enable them to experience warm ups, choreography and improvisations fully.
Dress Code:Leotard and tights, any color, no shoes or socks will be allowed in class, bare feet only please. Hair should be pulled back away from face.
Notes:*Students must get instructor's approval and take a ballet class in their appropriate level to take this class.
Description:This class will explore movement quality through dance expression, level changes and weight while staying within the limits of "jazz" technique. Class will start with a short barre and center floor warm-up and will end with a combination.
Dress Code:Leotard, tights (any color), jazz pants, sandal-soles/foot thongs or bare feet. Hair must be pulled back away from face and off neck.
Notes:*Students must take a ballet class in their appropriate level to participate in this class.
Hip Hop
Beginner - Ages 5 and up
Intermediate/Advanced - Teens
Description:Learn the latest trend. High energy and lots of fun!
Dress Code:Black jazz oxfords or black hip hop shoes, jazz pants, dance shorts, leotards and/or bike shorts. Please no jeans, street clothes or street sneakers.
Adult Tap
Description:In this class your toes will be tapping and your spirits will be lifted as you have fun working through center floor combinations and choreography. No experience is necessary, just come and have fun!
Dress Code:Comfortable clothes, tap shoes a must, any color.

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